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We all know Savita as the hot married bhabhi

We all know Savita as the hot married bhabhi admit it or not, likes to be eaten down there. It’s seldom to find a girl who doesn’t like to be given head once she has experienced it and has been truly satisfied through it. Savita which has been a hit with viewers on the net. It is a comic character and  in just the first few months a record of sorts is established with over 60 million hits. The result what was available as underwent a cosmetic change and reappeared in another avatar online for youth. Savita Bhabhi is the ultimate boy fantasy a buxom beauty with ample cleavage perfectly curvaceous figure a slim she is fully clad her chiffon sarees would put Bollywood heroines in rain dance sequence to shame. Savita Bhabhi is an expression of desire by a wild and young Indian imagination.

The character is mod and urban based and for Indians it titillates. Even foreign visitors are impressed and have become fans of the character Savita. She is a dig at the hypocrisy ridden middle class that will salivate behind a veil of Savita Bhabhi is an expression of the irony of being Indian caught between modernity, free speech and individual expression as against cohesive living, collective decision making and basic decency in family life. This Savita Bhabhi  was sassy and playful for pleasure. What’s best is she has a solution to the teething problems that plague the country.


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